Interacoustics Luna

Screening audiometry

Luna is a type 4 audiometer built into a headset. This portable and easy-to-use invention is the obvious choice for any hearing screening. The USB headset audiometer is calibrated before it is shipped, so it is ready for use immediately upon delivery. Plug it in your laptop or Windows® tablet and start hearing screening at once. You can choose between manual and automatic tests, and the random automatic test with the default seven frequencies only takes a minute to complete.

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Features and downloads

  • Manual, automatic and automatic 20 dB hearing tests
  • Hughson Westlake test
  • Randomized testing (frequency order and ear)
  • Weight: 0.5 kg including headset and patient response
  • Carrying bag with shoulder strap
  • Include/exclude frequencies from test protocol
  • Type 4 audiometer in accordance with IEC60645-1
  • Test result processing: XML integration, print or PDF
  • 125-8000 Hz
  • Stimuli: Pure tone, warble and pulse