Orion Auto-Traverse and Comprehensive

Enclosed rotary chairs

The Orion Auto-Traverse and Comprehensive chairs offer an advanced vestibular test battery. Rotary chair testing can accommodate for all patient populations, unlike other vestibular testing equipment. The two chairs are almost identical, the difference being that Orion Auto-Traverse includes off-axis centripetal acceleration, which enables dynamic subjective visual vertical (SVV) testing, whereas Orion Comprehensive is limited to static SVV testing.

When goggle recordings cannot be performed, consider the EOG add-on option. A pediatric add-on package is also available, including a car seat adapter, in-booth observation camera and a small face goggle.

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Features and downloads

  • Built-in laser fixation target and optokinetic drum
  • Static SVV with Comprehensive
  • Static and dynamic SVV with Auto-Traverse
  • Full-field optokinetics when combined with VisualEyes™ 525
  • Pediatric add-on package
  • EOG add-on option