Micromedical VisualEyes™ 515/525 by Interacoustics

Vestibular Testing

The VisualEyes™ 515 is the most advanced technology for testing dizziness and balance disorders. It offers convenient computer aided analysis of Spontaneous Nystagmus test, positional and caloric tests. Rapid data transfer technology enables very high quality video and precise measurements with all results stored in the OtoAccess™ database. The system also includes functions for printing reports and sharing data. VisualEyes is available with a choice between FireWire- and USB connected cameras. And with a choice between topmounted cameras and side-mounted cameras The VisualEyes™ 525 is designed for clinics that carry out detailed balance evaluations. It contains all the features of the VisualEyes™ 515 plus computer aided analysis of oculomotor tests.

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Features and downloads

  • Modern touch enabled software
  • Situational camera for any test and patient interviews
  • Customizable user-defined protocols
  • Large eyes on PC and second monitor
  • Voice timer with audio cues
  • PDF reports
  • Remote operation
  • Automatic fixation light
  • Seamless video playback