Virtualis BalanceVR

Therapeutical Virtual Reality, VR, assessment and rehabilitation solution

Virtualis BalanceVR offers an unparalleled solution not only for assessing but rehabilitating balance and vestibular disorders using VR. By incorporating a collaborative approach that values user feedback and partnerships with esteemed scientists and clinicians from around the globe, BalanceVR empowers you to deliver excellent care to your patients.

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  • Accurate and standardized assessments: DVA, hCTSIB (Sensory Organization Test), RFT, SVV, Cervical Range of Motion with pain limits, Cervicocephalic Relocation Test...
  • Wide range of immersive rehabilitation modules with VR: Optical Flow, Optokinetic, Head-Eye coordination, Adjustable amplitude/velocity head movements for vestibular stimulations, Visual dependance, Motion sickness...
  • Innovative sensory immersion simulating physical presence in an interactive environment
  • Easy-to-use distraction interventions-diversion of attention to increase patient implication
  • Increased patient motivation through immersive entertaining dimension and results
  • Real-time customization of the settings
  • Easy to install and to use