Virtualis MotionVR

Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP) and Rehabilitation motion simulator with integrated Virtual Reality

MotionVR is the world's 1st 360° moving dynamic force plate with integrated VR developed by a Vestibular Physical Therapist and International speaker. Drawing upon over a decade of extensive research and development, MotionVR has been refined through the valuable input of users and global collaboration with esteemed worldwide scientists and clinicians.

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  • Dual XL independent force plates with 8 sensors (4 each)
  • Up, down and linear translations (4 degrees of freedom*).
  • Weight distribution monitoring (right/left and anterior/posterior)
  • Easy customization of movements adjustable by axis, velocity and range of motion
  • Accurate, standardized and reproducible assessments: SOT (Sensory Organization Test), ADT (Adaptation Test), Limits Of Stability, Head-Shake SOT, and Motor Control Test (Motion version)
  • mmersive rehabilitation modules with VR (or without): Postural control with dual-task exercises, Limits Of Stability Rehabilitation, motion control by pulses/inclinations, Visual dependance, and Motion Sickness
  • Dual-task rehabilitation
  • Accurate monitoring of patient progress
  • Real-time customization of the settings