Audioscan Verifit® 2

Hearing aid verification

Verifit2 is a stand-alone solution that combines advanced real-ear measurement (REM) with a binaural test box. Perform directional, noise reduction and binaural testing with ease, with a user-friendly interface and VerifitLINK™. Once you have completed your tests, you can easily share data using Noah®.

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Features and downloads

  • User-centered software designed to lead the user
  • Quality indicator to estimate the benefit the patient will receive from their hearing device
  • AudioScan’s ProbeGUIDE for probe tube placement precision
  • Speechmap® for telecoil testing
  • Real-time directional testing
  • Wideband testing up to 12.5 kHz
  • VerifitLINK™ for automated verification
  • Verifit® Skull Simulator for measurement and fitting of bone-anchored hearing devices